High Performance Adhesive for Paper & Packaging Industry

Polyvinyl Acetate Water Based Adhesive for Paper & Packaging Industry

AtacBond Series is polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) water-basd adhesive for paper and packaging industry, especially side seaming application. The adhesive provides translucent dry film which exhibits good flexibility.

With AtacBond Series, there are a number of selection which covers all requirements of adhesive you need including range of setting speeds, high wet tack, excellent adhesion, good penetration, cold resistance and etc.

High Performance Water-based adhesive for Printing Industry

Concentrate Water-Based Flexography Ink for Dispenser Machine

AtacDflex is a set of concentrated water-based flexography ink that is developed specifically to use with an ink dispensing machine.

This series is developed to minimize end-users workload in tracking their stock level by using only a limited number of primary colors to create unlimited shades of ready-to-use ink. And along with the concentrated ink, we also provide our best selected dispensing machine as well.

Other Water-Based Adhesive Brands

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Right Product to the Right Process


Increase Mileage

By using the perfect setting, the usage of adhesive/ink can be reduced the minimum.

Lower Energy Consumption

Electricity and energy cost can be easily ignored but it is a high cost of production that should be focused.

Lower Overall Maintenance Cost

With a high quality product, it is surely designed to have the best machinability and ability to protect machines and equipment.

Reduce Down Time

Reducing set-up time, reject rate and maintenance can obviously decrease down time that often occurs.