High Performance Adhesive for Straw Attachment Application

Hot Melt Adhesive for Straw Attachment

AtacStraw Series is a hotmelt adhesive for straw attachment. In this series, there is a selection of both Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Polyolefin Based Adhesive. Both types provide excellent adhesion, fast setting, non-stringing, and excellent heat stability. The adhesive provides good adhesion, excellent thermal stability, low density, low odor, and high heat stress.

With AtacStraw Series, you will be able to lower your maintenance cost, lower working temperature, and especially lower consumption rate, in which, all of these benefits will provide you higher productivity at a lower cost.

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Right Product to the Right Process


Increase Mileage

By using the perfect setting, the usage of adhesive/ink can be reduced the minimum.

Lower Energy Consumption

Electricity and energy cost can be easily ignored but it is a high cost of production that should be focused.

Lower Overall Maintenance Cost

With a high quality product, it is surely designed to have the best machinability and ability to protect machines and equipment.

Reduce Down Time

Reducing set-up time, reject rate and maintenance can obviously decrease down time that often occurs.