How to choose the right packaging adhesive for your needs

How to choose the right packaging adhesive for your needs

When it comes to packaging products, choosing the right adhesive is crucial. Packaging adhesives are used to bond two surfaces together, and they come in various types and forms. The right adhesive for your packaging needs will depend on various factors, such as the type of packaging material, the environmental conditions during transportation and storage, and the desired level of bonding strength. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to choose the right packaging adhesive for your needs and why it’s essential to do so.

1. Consider the packaging material

The first factor to consider when choosing a packaging adhesive is the type of material you are using. Different adhesives work better with certain materials than others. For example, some adhesives work better with paper-based packaging, while others work better with plastic or metal. Consider the porosity and surface energy of the packaging material when selecting an adhesive, as these factors can affect the adhesive’s ability to bond.

2. Determine the environmental conditions during transportation and storage

Another critical factor to consider is the environmental conditions during transportation and storage. If your product is going to be exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, or other harsh conditions, you’ll need an adhesive that can withstand those conditions. For example, if your product will be stored in a freezer or exposed to high humidity, you’ll need an adhesive that can withstand those conditions without losing its bonding strength.

3. Evaluate the desired level of bonding strength

The desired level of bonding strength is another factor to consider when choosing a packaging adhesive. Some products require a stronger bond than others, depending on their weight or fragility. For example, heavy products or products that are susceptible to damage during transport may require a stronger adhesive than lighter or less fragile items.

4. Choose the right adhesive type

Once you’ve considered the above factors, you can then choose the right adhesive type. There are various types of adhesives available, including water-based, solvent-based, and hot-melt adhesives. Each adhesive type has its advantages and disadvantages, and you should choose the one that best fits your specific packaging needs.

Water-based adhesives are environmentally friendly and easy to clean up, making them a popular choice for many packaging applications. They work well with porous materials such as paper and cardboard and offer good bonding strength.

Solvent-based adhesives are more durable than water-based adhesives and work well with non-porous materials such as plastic and metal. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions and offer excellent bonding strength, but they can be more challenging to clean up and may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Hot-melt adhesives offer fast bonding times and work well with a wide range of packaging materials. They are ideal for high-speed production lines and can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. However, they can be more challenging to work with and may require specialized equipment.

Seek professional guidance

If you’re still unsure which adhesive is the right choice for your packaging needs, you may seek professional guidance from our technical sales & support team. We can provide you with expert advice on selecting the best adhesive for your specific application free of charge. Please contact us via phone (+66)2-961-5577(+66)86-403-4367 or email to

In conclusion, choosing the right packaging adhesive is crucial to ensuring your products arrive at their destination safely and intact. Consider the packaging material, environmental conditions, desired level of bonding strength, and adhesive type when making your selection. With the right adhesive, you can ensure your products are securely packaged and arrive in pristine condition.

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